Letter from the President:

Hello SJSU Students, thank you for your interest in our organization!

My name is Ujwal Battar and I am the current President of Delta Sigma Pi’s Theta Chi Chapter at San Jose State University. It is a tremendous honor to be leading this incredibly talented and ambitious group of young business professionals.

As a chapter, we pride ourselves on being one of the most growth-invested student organizations on campus. Involvement in Delta Sigma Pi represents a commitment to the constant betterment of yourself and those around you. Members are supported by our vast network of professionals and alumni while they face challenges that demand the most of their abilities. The knowledge they gain can then be applied to their fields of interest.

While our members are very career focused, we also strive to increase the value of membership within the fraternity. Leadership opportunities not only exist within our fraternity on the campus level, but also on the Bay Area, regional, and national level. All of our activities focus on preserving our core values: Professionalism, Community Service, Scholarship, and Brotherhood.

If you accept this rewarding challenge, you will discover that our organization is invested in you with the expectation that you will strive to perform and reciprocate the support you receive. If this seems like a good fit for you, then we invite you to make an investment not only in your future and career, but in you as a person. We hope to see you at our Spring 2017 recruitment!

Please feel free to contact me at president@dspsjsu.org

About Us:


Delta Sigma Pi, Theta Chi chapter is an award-winning chapter that was founded at the San Jose State University campus on May 8, 1971. Since then, Delta Sigma Pi has been a highly influential and recognizable organization within the College of Business. With over 900 alumni and active members, we have created a strong network of business professionals. Professionalism, Brotherhood, and Community Service are the pillars of our fraternity, and we strive to embellish and mold these qualities into our members. Our strong professional program gives our members the professional training, knowledge, skills and advantage to compete in today’s job market. Theta Chi’s commitment to excellence has produced business leaders of tomorrow who give back to the members of the fraternity and the community.

Delta Sigma Pi was founded on November 7th, 1907 in the school of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance in New York University.

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Follow Us on SnapChat @DSPThetaChi